This delightful white, from vines of almost 50 years-old, is a blend of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier.
A refreshing wine with aromas of apricots, flowers and mineral notes. The fruity flavor, intense in attack, leaves notes of lychees on the finish. This round and expressive wine can be tasted between 8 and 10°C and can be cellared for 3 years.

Grape varieties : Roussanne 50%, Marsanne 40%, Viognier 10%.
Terroir : Vines planted on rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : Skin maceration and ageing in concrete tanks.
Food & Wine pairings : This white will go perfectly with your appetizers as well as fish and seafood. 


This "Rosé de saignée" is made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre.
Cyril Marès, winemaker and owner of Mas Carlot, located on the southern edge of the Rhône Valley, makes this blend to obtain elegance and delicacy. It delivers aromas of strawberries and rose petals. This wine will bring sun in all your meals.

Grape varieties : Grenache 60%, Syrah 30%, Mourvèdre 10%.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : Bled Rosé, "Rosé de saignée".
Food & Wine pairings : This Rosé can be enjoyed as an "apéritif". It is moreover a gastronomic rosé that will perfectly accompany your summer cuisine.

Fully made without any addition of sulfite.
AVREVS benefits from 10 days of whole berry marecation
with regular lees stirring.

The wine is then aged in terracotta amphoras for 6 months.

The wine is orange with golden hues. It is crisp, mineral
with a great freshness. It reveals zesty aromas of orange
peel as well as tosted almonds.

To taste by itself as an aperitif, with seafood

VARIETIES : Roussanne 50%, Marsanne 50%
TERROIR : Rolled pebble soils from the Rhône
WINEMAKER : Cyril Marès

Mas Carlot is a well-known estate in the village of Bellegarde. This special cuvée is a pure Clairette of Bellegarde, which is since 1949, one of the oldest French appellations. The harvest in Mas Carlot is done to obtain maximum maturity of each grape variety. Cyril Marès, winemaker, specially selected the best grapes for this "Cuvée". Intense in color, the elegant aromas of acacia flowers  gently dominate this white, additionally with flavors of dried fruit, for a soft spring feeling.

Grape varieties : Clairette 100%.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : The majority of the wine is aged in an ovoid tank to promote convection movements within the tank, while 20% is aged in barrels to add complexity and 10% is aged in a terracotta amphoras.
Food & Wine pairings : This white will go perfectly with your appetizer as well as fish, seafood and crustaceans.


This "Rosé de saignée", comes from an old Grenache. Essential wine varietal of Mas Carlot, provencal estate of the XVIIth century. It is full of elegance and finesse. Its delicate aromas of fruits and spices, as well as its pale color make it "Irresistible". To be enjoyed in its youth between 8 and 10°C.

Grape Varieties Grenache 95% ,  Mourvèdre 5%.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebbled soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : Bled Rosé, "Rosé de saignée".

Food & Wine pairings : This wine will sublimate your aperitifs and will accompany perfectly your meals under the sun.

This special cuvée was inspired by the spirit of our children, Blanche, Eugène, Olympe and Achille. This blend of old vines, 60% Mourvèdre and 40% Syrah, was aged for nine months both in tank and in oak barrels. Like our children, the charm of this wine is found in its complexity.
The density of its aromas is announced by its deep purple color with reflections of ruby. Its smell exposes aromas of truffle and tobacco leaves. Its taste reveals aromas of forest fruits (blackberry, blueberry) with a touch of cherry on the finish.
Grape varieties : Mourvèdre 80%, Syrah 20%.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : The two grape varieties are vinified separately before being combined. The wine is then aged for 12 months (60 to 80%) in barrels while the other part is aged in concrete vats.
Food & Wine pairings : French gastronomy dishes, especially red meat based, will sublimate this wine with delicacy.


This golden withe with green hues, reveals at first glance the freshness and excellence of our terroir.
On the nose, it expresses the richness and complexity of nature by revealing aromas of white flowers with notes of sweet spices. Its fresh palate, of great amplitude, reveals a hint of minerality. Both lively and pleasant, its allure of lemon meringue pie will stir up your gourmandise.

Grape varieties : Roussanne 80%, Viognier 20%.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking : After skin maceration, pressing and cold settling, the must is put in ne oak barrels, of one and two wines, to be vinified and then aged on fine lees with regular stirring for 5 to 6 months. Without malolactic fermentation.
Food & Wine pairings : This white wine will enhance your fish and white meats. It also goes well with good cheeses.


Fruit of our best plots, this wine surprises with its elegant depth. Its intense purple color with garnet reflections and its powerful aromas of ripe fruit, especially blackcurrant delicately accompanied by toasty aromas. Smooth on the palate, while the tannins stand out elegantly. A wine of extreme gourmandise that can be enjoyed in its youth and that will only improve over time.

Grape varieties : 95% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre.
Terroir : Vines planted on the rolled pebble soils of the Rhône.
Winemaking :
After a maceration of 3 to 5 weeks, this concentrated wine is matured in barrels for one year.
Food & Wine pairings : This red wine will go perfectly with your red meats and desserts.

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